Thursday, 28 June 2012

Floods, Floods & More Floods?

Floods, Floods & More Floods?

After further flash flooding across parts of England and northern England yesterday, the remainder of this week and into next week will also offer no real respite in these unsettled conditions. The brief period of much warmer temperatures turned out to be relatively short-lived, and temperatures will now begin to ease towards more near or below the seasonal average for most. Friday will begin on a generally drier note for most. Outbreaks of rain and blustery showers will also develop and become more widespread throughout the day, especially in some parts of Scotland and northern England. It will also be quite windy and generally cloudy throughout today too. There may be the occasional period of sunshine in between these showers and cloudiness, but the best of any decent sunshine and drier weather will occur in some parts of southern/south-east England.

The weekend will see a bit more of a mixed picture developing. It will also initially remain quite unsettled across parts of Scotland and northern England. There will also be some further showery outbreaks of rain for many throughout Saturday, especially in parts of Scotland, northern England and Wales. Some of these showers are once again likely to turn quite heavy and potentially thundery in places throughout Saturday too. It will also be generally cloudy and quite windy at times throughout the day, making it feel much fresher than of late for most. However, it will be drier throughout some southern and eastern parts on Saturday, and the best of any decent sunshine and warmer temperatures will once again occur in these parts. Sunday may shape up a little better in terms of some developing sunny periods, especially in some parts of southern England and Wales. However, cloudiness and some further showery outbreaks of rain are likely to develop in places. Some of these showers could once again turn quite heavy in places, especially in some parts of the north.

Looking ahead to later next week, and the picture looks set to turn very unsettled again. Another area of low pressure looks set to bring a further period of very wet and windy weather to many parts of the country. Unfortunately, some of this rain is likely to turn very heavy and persistent in places again. This is of particular concern as many parts of the country have recently experienced some very high levels of rainfall, and with the already high river and water levels that we are seeing from this at present, there is a potentially high-risk of some further severe disruption from flash flooding in many parts of the country throughout next week. 

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