Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Ice Age/Solar/Autumn & Winter 2018/19 UK Snow Update

It is with HIGH confidence that Britain and Ireland will see their first notable and HEAVY snow/snow accumulations to lower levels of the country as early as NOVEMBER this year + Even earlier to higher ground... More inc exact dates and what to expect from Oct to March 2018

Many scientists are now starting to realise the timeline we are entering for an extremely low and prolonged period of solar activity, which intrinsically alters our weather patterns to Ice Age circulation patterns...

The sun is once again devoid of any sunspots and solar activity levels are currently low. 

This is something we have exhaustively covered since arriving on the scene with Exacta Weather in 2010, and just several weeks prior to the coldest December in 100 years' **WINK WINK**

We have also extensively covered our science behind this for free public consumption within many of the following news and science articles that date back as far as 2010/11 + Our blog that dates back as far as 2009.

Our Ice Age Weather Blog Dating Back To 2009 @

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Low Solar Activity To Show Its Hand With A Cold/Icy/Snowy December This Year (High Confidence Scenario) - UK & Ireland Autumn/Winter 2018/19

Low Solar Activity To Show Its Hand With A Cold/Icy/Snowy December This Year (High Confidence Scenario)
Our NEWLY updated Autumn 2018 & Winter 2018/19 + Potential SNOW Dates (Something we was highly successful with last Autumn/Winter/Spring) Is Now Available @
When will the first snow/cold blast of the season strike this year???#FindOutHereFirst #WatchThisSpace #Snow #Cold

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

A Warm Start To Autumn Before A Switch To Storms/Cold + A Cold UK Winter 2018/19

The NEWLY Updated Autumn/Winter 2018/19 Forecasts (Now Inc Potential SNOW Dates) Will Be Available/Digitally Delivered From Midnight Tonight! We Also Have A Limited Time Summer Sale Storewide + 50% Off All Products @
Our subscribers was in the know about this summer from January!!! (7 to 8 months ahead)
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Our most recent spring/summer 2018 long range weather forecasts issued from SEVERAL months ahead have also forecast key weather event after key weather event, and been of the highest accuracy in comparison to any other forecasters WORLDWIDE!!! @

Global Warming Or Cooling? + Hottest Summer Ever Update

All the other forecasters/scientists who are now re-jumping on the global warming bandwagon after one of our hottest summers on record... We have one question for you...
Where was your HOT summer forecast in January and at the start of summer to match this??? We was on this with ease and despite our different views on climate change!!!
They are also suddenly forgetting the massive lull in solar activity in the coming years' and decades, which will overrule any factors that they are considering at present...
More to follow on this in some of our brand new website features @

All of the weather events and our CORRECT forecasting claims for this summer are outlined in one national news article from mid-April (3 to 4 months ahead of actual occurrence)
James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said this week could herald the start of a LONG period of sunshine and blue skies.
He said: “It is now safe to say that we are in for an extended period of summery weather over the coming weeks and MONTHS.
“We expect this pattern change to pave the way for additional strong sunshine and a much warmer than average MAY on our current indications.”
He added JUNE and AUGUST are building up to bring the best of the weather over the coming months with a MIXED picture on the cards for JULY, he added.
He said: “JUNE may start on a quite warm and sunny note and there are increasing signals for a potentially warm to hot spell of weather towards the end of the month.
“August MAY not begin on the best note if any cool and unsettled weather persists into the month from JULY.
“However, a notable pattern switch within this period (AUGUST) could see us basking in some of the warmest temperatures in years or even on record for two to three weeks."


James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “High pressure will continue to dominate through the coming weeks and months with temperatures continuing to rise to bring even hotter conditions.
“Another heatwave towards the end of the July should almost certainly pave the way for an exceptionally hot August and to end the meteorological summer on a high note.”
He said: “We could see some colossal thunderstorms and much needed rainfall developing across the country from a large instability within the atmosphere from the middle of July.
“There is also the increased risk for some widespread flooding due to saturation problems with dry ground.
“There is now the potential for this summer to be remembered and recorded as one of the hottest EVER in Britain.”

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

UK/Ireland Warm/Hot Spell Arrives On Cue + Record-Breaking Heat Confirmed & FREE May 2018 Weather Report + Summer 2018 Forecast Update

​UK/Ireland Warm/Hot Spell Arrives On Cue + Record-Breaking Heat Confirmed & FREE May 2018 Weather Report +Summer 2018 Update

After our most recent long range forecast success in terms of a cold and snowy Easter in our last website update/long-range weather forecasts 
HERE, we have now experienced the expected weather pattern change that we also forewarned of from several weeks in advance in terms of heat. The 19th April 2018 has now seen the hottest day of the year to date (29.1C) for the UK and the warmest April temperature in 70 years' (Record-Breaking).

This weather has been exceptionally warm for the time of the year and this bodes well for some further scorching weather and extremely high temperature surges at times in the upcoming months.
Please also feel free to review our 90 day ahead spring 2018 forecast and gauge how accurate it has been to date for FREE in the link below (Includes May 2018 expectations)
  • Also includes PROOF of March/Easter Snow & Cold
  • April Warm/Hot Spell + Exact Timing
  • What To Expect In May?


More southern areas will manage to hang on to above-average temperatures from the recent weather pattern change and some decent amounts of sunshine throughout the remainder of the month, although in among some potentially isolated or heavy showers at times. However, it is important to remember that we are now in a much better weather pattern as a whole in terms of temperatures, and with much less unsettled weather on the cards for many than of late. Areas further north that do see more of a breakdown at times in the coming weeks can still look forward to decent spells of spring/early summer sunshine in among some sporadic showery/thundery activity and going forward into May.

Our Facebook posting from JANUARY accurately depicting the FIRST warm to hot spell of weather for 2018! (FROM 10 WEEKS AHEAD)

Not only did we predict the EXACT timing of the FIRST major hot spell of weather for this year, but we also made it clear that we expected NO significant warmth for at least 8-10 weeks from that point forward (some forecasting feat in itself as any warm to hot spell prior to this would have been a forecast FAIL on our part).
In addition to the above we also correctly emphasised on a potentially warm to hot period of weather for these exact dates within the following media articles for free public consumption and via various social media postings from up to 2 weeks ahead of occurrence by stating the following:

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said there could be a gradual improvement towards much better weather by mid-April.

"As a southerly airflow becomes established, it could pave the way for above-average temperatures into the start of May."

However, he warned it might not be a clear run, with some cooler temperatures and rain during this period.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden is optimistic with his predictions, and thinks we could see temperatures nudging above 20C from the MIDDLE of the month.

Brits have been battered by a number of Beasts from the East in recent months, but respite is on the way. We could actually see some blue skies and sunshine - something that has been sorely lacking since the start of 2018.

Following a disappointing Easter weekend full of ice and snow showers the predictions for sunshine and warmth are bound to be welcomed.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden has said that temperatures could rise above 20C from the MIDDLE of the month as early as APRIL 19 with sunnier and drier conditions for the rest of the month.
The following media article also highlighted upon how Exacta Weather expected some potentially record-breaking heat for within this recent warm to hot period + from several days in advance of any such indications from standard/TV meteorologists:

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “Temperatures could soar into the low 20Cs at the very least from Wednesday onwards as southerly winds prevail .

“There is an increasing chance that we could see or go CLOSE to the all time maximum day temperature for APRIL being broken.”

The current warm/hot spell is good news and has now increased confidence for a much warmer than average May period overall (See FREE May 2018 PDF Link Above) and with a number of bursts of summer in the offing to look forward to.

It is now also with HIGH CONFIDENCE that we can expect at least several WARM to HOT bursts of summer this year (with some caveats)
The full UK/Ireland several page detailed Summer 2018 weather report covers May to August & what to expect in terms of HEAT/SUN/ARRIVAL DATES @
Our BRAND NEW UK/IRELAND ultra long range seasonal weather forecasts for **AUTUMN/WINTER 2018/19** are now available and are of extreme IMPORTANCE to business, farmers and people who rely heavily upon the weather and need weather reports for that extra distance ahead @

UPDATE ADDED: James Madden 19th April 2018

Winter 2017/18 Review + Snow/Cold & Spring/Summer 2018

Winter 2017/18 Review + Snow/Cold & Spring/Summer 2018

The first half of December was much colder than the second half and in the run up to the festive period, and we did clearly state that there was only 2% separating a cold/snowy period and a MAJOR mild period of weather for this given part of the forecast and from over 60+ days in advance of actual occurrence.

In addition to this our snow dates also proved to be of high accuracy in terms of occurrence from 60-90 days ahead for December too (Please see link below for further proof of this):

We also correctly opted for near to below-average temperatures for December overall on this basis and the Mean Central England (CET) just edged ever so slightly above-average at +0.1C

Even though January did still deliver with some alternating cold and snowy periods for when we expected – it was also an exceptionally mild month overall and the Mean CET finished at a quite abnormal +1.5C above-average.

We did note that some transient mild spells would exist from 90-120 days ahead, but we also stated that we didn't expect anything significant to develop in terms of maximum temperatures for January, and this was a notable discrepancy/forecasting error for this section of the original forecast on our behalf.

However, February was still likely to deliver a cold month from Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) on our projections and we also originally and correctly stated that “the Beast from the East would start to feature within this period to deliver some significant wintry blasts and the coldest nights of winter to date” from 120-150 days ahead.

All of the following is also available to view for yourself as PROOF that we did forecast the above and the beast from the east having an impact within this exact period from a massive 120-150 days ahead to our subscribers (within an unchanged forecast – something we strongly value within our ethos).
(Original Winter 17/18 subscribers report from 29th September 2017 available to view in the link BELOW):

In addition to the above long-range winter forecast we also posted the following HIGH CONFIDENCE social media posting on the 21st & 22nd JANUARY to confirm our original projections in reference to a February Freeze/Beast from the East scenario – despite no such indications from any other kind of meteorological sources at the same time.

In addition to this we also had further success with our long range snow dates for February and the Mean CET finished at a rather cold -0.8C below-average for the month as whole.

To conclude; It was a winter of rather changeable mild to cold alternations as we had indicated for December and January in our own words. However, we did underestimate how mild these periods would become in terms of the maximum temperatures, particularly, for the month of January as a whole. In terms of classing it as a cold or mild winter – it would be more fair to class it as something as more down the middle and with a split December, mild January and cold February (neither mild, nor cold overall) + with much more snow than we have seen in previous years (the changes are occurring to our more set weather pattern of dominant cold and snow in the coming years and decades).

Why Has The Late Winter/Spring Snow Been So Bad For 2018 And Why Has There Been So Much?

One thing that our forecasts and updates have consistently compromised of over the years is a future climate dominated by colder conditions and snow, particularly, during the meteorological winter and spring months.

Several feet or more snowdrifts, people being snowed in for days on end, record-breaking snow, record-breaking cold, snow gritters being snowed under - are all part and parcel of Little Ice Age (LIA) circulation patterns and the period of LOW solar activity that we currently CONTINUE to reside within.

A firm REMINDER is needed that this is the FOURTH severe weather event for SNOW/COLD to breach them 100 year or all time records in only EIGHT years (No time speaking climatologically or geologically - literally a blink of the eye).

1. The coldest December in 100 years (December 2010)

2. The equal coldest March on record in 130 years (March 2013)

3. The coldest Easter on record (Easter 2013)

4. The coldest start to March on record (March 2018)

We also foreseen and forecast all of the above weather events in our short and long-range projections and in advance of all conventional/standard meteorologists.

In the long term we can expect additional 100 year+ cold and snow records to be broken! Again - Something we have covered extensively since arriving on the scene in 2009 and we now have 4 x 100 year or all time records broken in terms of snow/cold + multiple decade long or more records at other times.

Unfortunately, this will also impact a dominant pattern of cooler wetter summer periods, but with a compensating impact on the overall intensity of heatwaves at certain times too.

Just to be clear! A Little Ice Age (LIA) weather pattern does NOT mean the end of some extreme warm to hot periods of weather at times in the coming years, but it does place us in era of Winter, Spring and 100 year+ Summer records being smashed for cold, snow, rain and heat.

However, the main emphasis from our extensive research and findings must at present reside with the amount of cold and snow that we are facing in the long term and this transition to a much colder and snowier UK/Ireland climate overall.

In addition to this increased cloud cover, extreme winds and huge low pressure systems will also be very problematic on frequent occasions, and this is something else that has also been covered extensively via our work over the past 9 years.

The recent snow events have been so bad as cold easterly winds have prevailed across our shores to be met by some significant weather systems pushing in from the Atlantic. This is something that we have consistently warned would happen more frequently and despite others stating that our theory behind this was impossible (small minds).

I would now like to think we are at a stage as to where people can gather their own conclusions as to how variable weather can be as a science for the British Isles and that we can't get it right all the time. However, it should be becoming clearer that there is something within our methodology, particularly, for our long-range forecasting and pinpointing events such as Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) and when key weather events will occur such as snow/heatwaves from very far in advance.

In addition to this we are now also able to give the so-called public service provider (MET OFFICE) a run for their money in terms of short-range weather forecasting – As we have consecutively proven with a high success rate throughout this winter/spring with snow and cold date arrivals.
Met Office Deceives The Public Again! (Must Read)

To emphasise on this further and how we have compared to the UK Met Office and their mass staffing levels of 1500 employees?! We have posted the following very well written and observed article from Paul Homewood below - an independent observer/writer as to how the Met Office have recently deceived the public again and with an accreditation to ourselves for being correct over them.

Part of the article states the following below: (worth reading in full)

It cannot be any clearer. Not only did the MET OFFICE not forecast the extreme cold spell at the end of the month, or the SSW event that led to it, they actually forecast the opposite, a MILDER spell up to MID MARCH.

Moreover, as well as FAILING to forecast the Beast, or even a coldish spell of weather, they also FAILED to predict the cold and snow we have now had twice this month since the Beast.

But by then, this was COMMON KNOWLEDGE amongst meteorologists. The same Star report quotes James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, as saying the oncoming assault of heavy snow and freezing temperatures could plague Britain for the rest of February.

He said: “A barrage of snow events awaits us throughout the rest of this month with the first notable snow events expected next week.

“There is a risk for a total whiteout across the country as a number of major snow events hit our shores, this risk really kicks in at the start of next week.”

It is ironic that, when their (Met Office) 3-Month Outlooks are wrong, they claim they are not “forecasts” at all but mere ranges of probabilities.

What To Watch For Next? (Late March & Early April/Easter)

Again, Something we WILL have forecast before any other conventional/standard/TV meteorologists (Dated 16th March):

UPDATE ADDED: James Madden - 22nd March 2018

We will also be releasing the BRAND NEW ultra long-range weather forecasts for Autumn 2018 & Winter 2018/19 very soon!
(Available by PDF/document delivery to e-mail ONLY – This year/these seasons will be of particular importance to farmers and those who require much further ahead and detailed weather forecasts to help them be better prepared) (Full Summer 2018 Forecast Ready NOW!)

Sunday, 31 December 2017

December Snow Dates Success & Proof + More On The Way In 2018

Our subscribers December 2017 forecast actually said and got the following right (Issued in September)...

1. Potential major mild spell of weaather
2. Three x widespread snowy periods for the EXACT dates from 100 days ahead

Actual screenshot of our subscribers forecast from almost 100 days ahead showing this in the link below (please view below):

Below is further CONCLUSIVE PROOF LINKS/EVIDENCE/PICS of successful snow dates for the exact dates we told our subscribers & we always say + or - 1 to 2 days for how far in advance the snow dates forecasts are issued (100 days ahead)

In addition to this please note that we ALWAYS issue our long range forecasts before ANY other forecasters in the world and to get such accuracy for each snow dates is extremely difficult and has often been termed "impossible" by standard meteorology, yet we have conclusively proven otherwise in the below and would be grateful if people can view what we are achieving here at Exacta Weather️
First correct subscriber snow dates from 100 days ahead = 7th - 9th December

In addition to this - One of our much earlier forecast quotes from November + PROOF of JANUARY Freeze/Snow was provided for public consumption via national media stating the following:

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, warned Britain is facing a repeat of the 2010 big freeze that brought -20C in Scotland and lows of -10C in the south.

He said: "We are certainly looking at one of the coldest winters SINCE 2010 and La Nina could have some impact on this.
"We could be looking at some record-breaking weather patterns, more so from JANUARY ONWARDS in terms of cold and snow.
Invest In Our Future + Non Biased Science & Help Us To Realise Our Future Vision & Values For 2018 Onwards...

Exacta Weather is a small but well recognised weather company who would like to expand and improve on our services and the types of forecasts we offer via the website to the public for FREE. If we had less than 1% of the funding that the Met Office receive each year and ONLY 10 members of staff to rotate on 24 hour day shifts - we are certain that we could at the very least match or challenge the ridiculously high 1500 members of staff who serve the UK Met Office.

We have no hidden motive, other than being passionate and obsessed by the weather, with hopes of adding usability to long range weather forecasting, and in despite of what others/competitors might say...

On this note I (James Madden) would also like to add that I am only 36 years of age, and that I still have a lot to offer in terms of my academic and weather forecasting career, of which I fully intend to bring Exacta Weather along with me for every step of the way!

At present we are limited to the totality and overall services that we could offer to the world. However, if we had that extra and reliable manpower needed to run such operations - we do believe our vision is attainable and we will do everything within our power and hard working ethic to make this happen in the very near future.

So watch out as we implement new additions to the website from 2018 onwards... (Most of them FREE)

UPDATE ADDED: 31st December 2017 - James Madden

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