Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Global Cooling & New Ice Age (2010 Update)

Hi Everyone,

My apologies for the lengthy delay since my last post, I have however been rather busy with my studies and the hectic life that comes with a newborn baby!

Right where should I start???

Well I do hope you are all enjoying a better than average summer than in recent years, especially here within the UK although it has turned quite wet with the odd autumnal feel of late.  The el nino (ocean warming) has largely influenced the European summer this year, although I would hardly say it has been a barbeque summer, has it?

As we all know the la nina (ocean cooling) always follows this and the immediate signs are not very good.  The la nina appears to have already started to kick in and it would be adequate to expect a similar or even colder winter than 09/10 across the UK and Europe.   So there you have it my seasonal forecast for the winter of 10/11 in July.

On that note I am also not surprised after my expressions in my last post about the UK Met Office in Jan 2010, that they have actually since decided to scrap the seasonal forecasts.  I am however also dissapointed as I won't be able to prove them wrong anymore, I mean honestly no seasonal forecasts they are meant to be the Met Office, weather is their game right?  I think they have pumped their models and forecasts with to much global warming input to be anywhere near accuarte in recent years.

My predictions have and always will be based on the current state of the sun and solar activity (climates main driver) and its effects on ocean circulation and many other factors that I have mentioned in previous posts.  It really is quite a simplistic approach and I honestly do feel that we have spent to much time and effort on the global warming saga that no longer exists, I also feel that we have been over complicating our understanding of planet earth.  Global warming is a natural process that our planet goes through before a return to ice age conditions, it always has done and always will, why would it be any different this time around?  All the evidence is sat there staring us right in the face, why over complicate things?

I have been mocked and ridiculed over the past 2-3 years from family, friends, fellow students and lecturers, with no evidence to back up what I have actually been saying until now! although I did notice lecturers backing off from global warming during my last year of study and placing scenarios in relation to global cooling from the suns activity and ocean circulation as 50/50 now, wow what a change around in attitude since recent years when I was laughed at???

Do you remember my post dated November 2009, I clearly stated that there would be huge news to come within the next 1-10 years in regards to global cooling, go ahead and check it for yourself in the archives section.  A recent publication in the new scientist magazine dated 14th June 2010 by Stuart Clark proves my theory on this, I also can't believe this was published in the highly respectable New Scientist magazine, I finally have something to reference for my studies at university without being penalised.  The most interesting point for myself was the admission from NASA and lead scientist David Hathaway that they was wrong about current solar activity, especially as I seriously scrutinised NASA and Hathaways science behind this in some earlier university work of mine back in 2008.  Hathaway even states that "this is solar behaviour we have not seen in living memory" which proves I was right all along to question his science as incorrect.  You can still view the original piece of work I submitted towards the end of the blog post directly underneath.

Clark also believes that we could be in a new maunder minimum by 2015, something I also happened to mention back in 2008.  Mike Lockwood at the University of Reading believes the chances of this happening now are just a mere 8 per cent.  The article is available to read in full for free below, I do hope you will credit my observations and what I have been saying since 2008 and note any simalarities from my previous work and blogs dated well before this was published.

It is also worth mentioning here that a leading physicist who has spent decades studying ice ages known as Vladimir Paar from Croatia's Zagreb university, recently published in a publication dated 12th feb 2010 that "the reality is that mankind needs to start preparing for the new ice age"

I will leave you with a few snippets of information that I found highly interesting in relation to my global cooling theory.  The German online news magazine focus recently reported that a new record low temperature of -50.2 celsius has been set in Antarctica since records began.

The climate news from Germany also reported on the slowest mid summer Arctic ice melt ever by using the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations (NOAA) own data, even though the NOAA has declared 2010 as the hottest ever???

Come on NOAA surely you can't still be thrusting global warming on us, I knew you would use the el nino to your advantage, here's some real news for you; we need to get very concerned about the la nina to follow and a much colder climate in the very near future, as we transition to a major phase of global cooling.