Friday, 8 January 2010

Global Cooling & New Ice Age UK - Big Freeze 2010

As the UK is in one of its coldest winters in which some say for 100 years, I have to ask myself how I was able to yet again predict this in a previous post dated the 1st November 2009, yet the UK met office was not.  The head of the met office is paid much more than the prime minister, yet they can not get their forecasts correct!!!  The answer is simple really (the current solar cycle and the lack of sunspots) and (the gulf stream has moved).  The sun is the major driver of our climate and the lack of sunspots is affecting this, where as the warmth that we used to gain from the gulf stream is no more!!! expect more cold winters and poor summers over coming years and do not listen to the met office forecasts as they are most probably hiding these facts from you to prevent any fear.  I fear that we may be heading for the cooling that I have mentioned so much in my posts, aswell as proving the met office wrong on their so called barbecue summer and mild winter, I see it as an impossibility that we could have a mild winter after such a poor summer.   The current satellite scene below is rather eerie dont you think? this is most probably a taste of our near future in Europe, please disregard any global warming fears!!! PROPAGANDA is the appropriate word here