Sunday, 31 December 2017

December Snow Dates Success & Proof + More On The Way In 2018

Our subscribers December 2017 forecast actually said and got the following right (Issued in September)...

1. Potential major mild spell of weaather
2. Three x widespread snowy periods for the EXACT dates from 100 days ahead

Actual screenshot of our subscribers forecast from almost 100 days ahead showing this in the link below (please view below):

Below is further CONCLUSIVE PROOF LINKS/EVIDENCE/PICS of successful snow dates for the exact dates we told our subscribers & we always say + or - 1 to 2 days for how far in advance the snow dates forecasts are issued (100 days ahead)

In addition to this please note that we ALWAYS issue our long range forecasts before ANY other forecasters in the world and to get such accuracy for each snow dates is extremely difficult and has often been termed "impossible" by standard meteorology, yet we have conclusively proven otherwise in the below and would be grateful if people can view what we are achieving here at Exacta Weather️
First correct subscriber snow dates from 100 days ahead = 7th - 9th December

In addition to this - One of our much earlier forecast quotes from November + PROOF of JANUARY Freeze/Snow was provided for public consumption via national media stating the following:

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, warned Britain is facing a repeat of the 2010 big freeze that brought -20C in Scotland and lows of -10C in the south.

He said: "We are certainly looking at one of the coldest winters SINCE 2010 and La Nina could have some impact on this.
"We could be looking at some record-breaking weather patterns, more so from JANUARY ONWARDS in terms of cold and snow.
Invest In Our Future + Non Biased Science & Help Us To Realise Our Future Vision & Values For 2018 Onwards...

Exacta Weather is a small but well recognised weather company who would like to expand and improve on our services and the types of forecasts we offer via the website to the public for FREE. If we had less than 1% of the funding that the Met Office receive each year and ONLY 10 members of staff to rotate on 24 hour day shifts - we are certain that we could at the very least match or challenge the ridiculously high 1500 members of staff who serve the UK Met Office.

We have no hidden motive, other than being passionate and obsessed by the weather, with hopes of adding usability to long range weather forecasting, and in despite of what others/competitors might say...

On this note I (James Madden) would also like to add that I am only 36 years of age, and that I still have a lot to offer in terms of my academic and weather forecasting career, of which I fully intend to bring Exacta Weather along with me for every step of the way!

At present we are limited to the totality and overall services that we could offer to the world. However, if we had that extra and reliable manpower needed to run such operations - we do believe our vision is attainable and we will do everything within our power and hard working ethic to make this happen in the very near future.

So watch out as we implement new additions to the website from 2018 onwards... (Most of them FREE)

UPDATE ADDED: 31st December 2017 - James Madden

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Storm Doris Arrives On Cue To Cause Havoc & Cold/Mild Swings Continue??? + Spring/Summer 2017 Forecasts Update

Storm Doris Arrives On Cue To Cause Havoc & Cold/Mild Swings Continue??? + Spring/Summer 2017 Forecasts Update

Storm Doris wreaked widespread havoc across the country throughout Thursday and has resulted in most and if not all national newspapers covering this on their front pages on Friday 24th February. Flight cancellations, school/road closures, widespread power cuts and blizzard-like heavy snow also caused mayhem across parts of the north.

Our forecasts first warned of this weather event and blizzard-like snow in places well before it appeared on the radars of any third-party forecasters or TV forecasts, and we also noted our concerns in regard to some exceptional winds and blizzard conditions forming across parts of the country, and particularly in the north, for this exact period within the following media article from the 12th February and the dated FB posting from the 17th February:

SOME forecasters warn we are not out of the woods yet with more cold weather likely to pounce before the end of the MONTH.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “There is a risk of a return to the cold weather pattern with further snow events possible throughout the remainder of February.”

Despite the upcoming spell of very mild weather for the time of the year in the coming days, a real shock to the system is in store from the mid to end part of next week as Britain heads back into the freezer. Initially snow will start falling across the far north before spreading to many other northern and western areas towards the end of next week and into next weekend. Even parts as far south as Central England and the Capital are at risk of some falling snow in places within this period, and with it also being quite WINDY across the north at times, there is the risk for some developing BLIZZARD conditions and snowdrifts, particularly, but not necessarily restricted to higher ground.

Despite a mild southerly flow forming across the country throughout this upcoming weekend, winds will begin to freshen for many during the latter part of the weekend and into the early part of next week. This will also coincide with nearby low pressure and a number of weather fronts trailing across the country throughout the Monday to Thursday period. It is within this period and particularly in the early hours and evenings that we are also likely to see rain turning to snow in many northern and western areas, even some parts as far south as central and southern England could see some wintry showers popping up in places during Monday evening.

Looking further ahead sees the overall theme remaining on the cool side as we begin the meteorological spring on Wednesday 1st March, and in addition to this there will also be a continuation of some sporadic wintry showers in among a mixed outlook of alternating temperatures from cold/cool to normal/mild at times.

At this point we would just also like to reiterate the alternating pattern of mild-cold swings and what we actually stated in regards to this in our several month ahead forecasts and within various media for the passing winter period.

The opening paragraph of our winter 2016/17 forecast made available to our subscribers in JULY 2016 - stated all of the following:

The upcoming 2016/17 winter period for the UK and Ireland is likely to deliver a MIXED pattern of alternating weather types from near normal/mild temperatures to cold/very cold temperature SWINGS. However, as with in recent years of the more mild and stormy weather dominating proceedings, we are expecting some sort of a reversal to a more dominant theme from the colder weather this time around, in particular, in the NORTHERN half of the country. Even some southern parts and the capital should have some winter weather to actually talk about this year, and despite being MUCH MILDER at times in these parts. Some UNCERTAINTY remains as to the SOUTHERN half of the country and as to whether more NEAR NORMAL temperatures may prevail over ABOVE-AVERAGE this year, and this could change the outlook to something of more of a wintry and colder nature at a LATER point in the forecasting period for these parts.


In addition to the above subscribers forecast - the following Daily Express winter 2016/17 weather article from the 29th September 2016 also stated the following:

“This does not dispel some LARGE temperature swings to MILDER and potentially stormy weather conditions throughout THIS winter period, but we do expect LESS STORMY weather conditions throughout this winter and in comparison to the last few winter periods.”

On a personal note to all of our followers and the lack of updates, unfortunately, I myself have had an array of health related issues during the past few years and have recently been diagnosed with a mix of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, and in addition to some very recent and major spine surgery due to an accident. However, my health is now under control and being managed correctly in terms of medication and with some help - the plan is to expand on the services we offer via Exacta Weather between now and mid-spring and to continue building on our name and scientific methodology for the future.

We will therefore be returning in mid-spring with a large number of new and free weather additions to enhance your future visits to Exacta Weather.

In the meantime, further enhanced details are also available within the SPRING 2017 forecast that covers the March-May period in full  - including details of when we can expect further wintry weather/snow, and our first taste of something sunny and warm this year. In addition to this the preliminary SUMMER 2017 forecast also covers the June-August period in full, and extensive details of what we are currently expecting for this forecasting period on our current indications - Will we finally get a SETTLED HOT one or continue with our run of poor summers this year?? (our last several summer forecasts have contained at least moderate to high accuracy overall in terms of temperature predictions and the timing of multiple weather events/heat blasts).

UPDATE ADDED: Friday 24th February 2017 - James Madden