Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Ice Age/Solar/Autumn & Winter 2018/19 UK Snow Update

It is with HIGH confidence that Britain and Ireland will see their first notable and HEAVY snow/snow accumulations to lower levels of the country as early as NOVEMBER this year + Even earlier to higher ground... More inc exact dates and what to expect from Oct to March 2018

Many scientists are now starting to realise the timeline we are entering for an extremely low and prolonged period of solar activity, which intrinsically alters our weather patterns to Ice Age circulation patterns...

The sun is once again devoid of any sunspots and solar activity levels are currently low. 

This is something we have exhaustively covered since arriving on the scene with Exacta Weather in 2010, and just several weeks prior to the coldest December in 100 years' **WINK WINK**

We have also extensively covered our science behind this for free public consumption within many of the following news and science articles that date back as far as 2010/11 + Our blog that dates back as far as 2009.

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