Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Global Warming Or Cooling? + Hottest Summer Ever Update

All the other forecasters/scientists who are now re-jumping on the global warming bandwagon after one of our hottest summers on record... We have one question for you...
Where was your HOT summer forecast in January and at the start of summer to match this??? We was on this with ease and despite our different views on climate change!!!
They are also suddenly forgetting the massive lull in solar activity in the coming years' and decades, which will overrule any factors that they are considering at present...
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All of the weather events and our CORRECT forecasting claims for this summer are outlined in one national news article from mid-April (3 to 4 months ahead of actual occurrence)
James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said this week could herald the start of a LONG period of sunshine and blue skies.
He said: “It is now safe to say that we are in for an extended period of summery weather over the coming weeks and MONTHS.
“We expect this pattern change to pave the way for additional strong sunshine and a much warmer than average MAY on our current indications.”
He added JUNE and AUGUST are building up to bring the best of the weather over the coming months with a MIXED picture on the cards for JULY, he added.
He said: “JUNE may start on a quite warm and sunny note and there are increasing signals for a potentially warm to hot spell of weather towards the end of the month.
“August MAY not begin on the best note if any cool and unsettled weather persists into the month from JULY.
“However, a notable pattern switch within this period (AUGUST) could see us basking in some of the warmest temperatures in years or even on record for two to three weeks."


James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “High pressure will continue to dominate through the coming weeks and months with temperatures continuing to rise to bring even hotter conditions.
“Another heatwave towards the end of the July should almost certainly pave the way for an exceptionally hot August and to end the meteorological summer on a high note.”
He said: “We could see some colossal thunderstorms and much needed rainfall developing across the country from a large instability within the atmosphere from the middle of July.
“There is also the increased risk for some widespread flooding due to saturation problems with dry ground.
“There is now the potential for this summer to be remembered and recorded as one of the hottest EVER in Britain.”

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