Thursday, 19 April 2018

UK/Ireland Warm/Hot Spell Arrives On Cue + Record-Breaking Heat Confirmed & FREE May 2018 Weather Report + Summer 2018 Forecast Update

​UK/Ireland Warm/Hot Spell Arrives On Cue + Record-Breaking Heat Confirmed & FREE May 2018 Weather Report +Summer 2018 Update

After our most recent long range forecast success in terms of a cold and snowy Easter in our last website update/long-range weather forecasts 
HERE, we have now experienced the expected weather pattern change that we also forewarned of from several weeks in advance in terms of heat. The 19th April 2018 has now seen the hottest day of the year to date (29.1C) for the UK and the warmest April temperature in 70 years' (Record-Breaking).

This weather has been exceptionally warm for the time of the year and this bodes well for some further scorching weather and extremely high temperature surges at times in the upcoming months.
Please also feel free to review our 90 day ahead spring 2018 forecast and gauge how accurate it has been to date for FREE in the link below (Includes May 2018 expectations)
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More southern areas will manage to hang on to above-average temperatures from the recent weather pattern change and some decent amounts of sunshine throughout the remainder of the month, although in among some potentially isolated or heavy showers at times. However, it is important to remember that we are now in a much better weather pattern as a whole in terms of temperatures, and with much less unsettled weather on the cards for many than of late. Areas further north that do see more of a breakdown at times in the coming weeks can still look forward to decent spells of spring/early summer sunshine in among some sporadic showery/thundery activity and going forward into May.

Our Facebook posting from JANUARY accurately depicting the FIRST warm to hot spell of weather for 2018! (FROM 10 WEEKS AHEAD)

Not only did we predict the EXACT timing of the FIRST major hot spell of weather for this year, but we also made it clear that we expected NO significant warmth for at least 8-10 weeks from that point forward (some forecasting feat in itself as any warm to hot spell prior to this would have been a forecast FAIL on our part).
In addition to the above we also correctly emphasised on a potentially warm to hot period of weather for these exact dates within the following media articles for free public consumption and via various social media postings from up to 2 weeks ahead of occurrence by stating the following:

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said there could be a gradual improvement towards much better weather by mid-April.

"As a southerly airflow becomes established, it could pave the way for above-average temperatures into the start of May."

However, he warned it might not be a clear run, with some cooler temperatures and rain during this period.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden is optimistic with his predictions, and thinks we could see temperatures nudging above 20C from the MIDDLE of the month.

Brits have been battered by a number of Beasts from the East in recent months, but respite is on the way. We could actually see some blue skies and sunshine - something that has been sorely lacking since the start of 2018.

Following a disappointing Easter weekend full of ice and snow showers the predictions for sunshine and warmth are bound to be welcomed.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden has said that temperatures could rise above 20C from the MIDDLE of the month as early as APRIL 19 with sunnier and drier conditions for the rest of the month.
The following media article also highlighted upon how Exacta Weather expected some potentially record-breaking heat for within this recent warm to hot period + from several days in advance of any such indications from standard/TV meteorologists:

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “Temperatures could soar into the low 20Cs at the very least from Wednesday onwards as southerly winds prevail .

“There is an increasing chance that we could see or go CLOSE to the all time maximum day temperature for APRIL being broken.”

The current warm/hot spell is good news and has now increased confidence for a much warmer than average May period overall (See FREE May 2018 PDF Link Above) and with a number of bursts of summer in the offing to look forward to.

It is now also with HIGH CONFIDENCE that we can expect at least several WARM to HOT bursts of summer this year (with some caveats)
The full UK/Ireland several page detailed Summer 2018 weather report covers May to August & what to expect in terms of HEAT/SUN/ARRIVAL DATES @
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UPDATE ADDED: James Madden 19th April 2018

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