Tuesday, 19 June 2012

July + Major Flooding Possible (As forecast in February 2012)

July + Major Flooding Possible (As forecast in February 2012)

As we head into July, we are likely to experience a continuation of very unsettled weather types across many parts of the country. July will also replicate June in many ways, as it will once again be dominated by periods of cool and very wet weather across many parts, with a noticeable reduction in normal temperatures in many places for the time of the year. I also expect the Central England Temperature (CET) to come in at below-average for July too.
Now although we have already experienced a number of flooding events in places throughout the start of the meteorological summer so far, I also suggested the most prone time frame for any such major flooding occurrences (based on my own personal methodology, calculations & science).

Key points from my summer 2012 forecast – issued in February 2012
  1. So in terms of this summer and based on the parameters that I consider, we are likely to see a continuation of this cooler and wetter trend for the summer as a whole.
  2. The summer is likely to be hampered by periods of relatively cool and very wet weather at times.
  3. I also suggest another cool and possibly flood riddled summer.
  4. My forecasting parameters suggest that the most prone time frame for any such flash flooding occurrences this summer are between the latter part of July and through to September.
YouTube Summer Forecast 2012 - (Issued 27th Feb 2012)

Unfortunately, that prone period still concerns me much more than June in regard to a possible string of major flooding occurrences across the country. If we allow for a standard deviation of a week or two from the given dates above and how far back my summer forecast was actually issued, from around mid-July onwards we are likely to be at significant risk of experiencing some very heavy rain deluges and exceptional flooding across the country. This unsettled weather will also be accompanied by some strong winds at times throughout this period too.

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