Saturday, 2 June 2012

Start of Summer 2012 + The Coldest May in 100 years

Start of Summer 2012

The start of the meteorological summer has seen a marked drop in temperatures and a return to more unsettled weather in comparison to the warm and sunny and weather that we experienced in the later part of May.

(Please see original summer forecast issued in Feb 2012 below/archives & original June forecast issued in May 2012 below/archives)

The Coldest May in 100 years

Firstly, this claim/prediction never came from myself or Exacta Weather. My original May forecast also stated that temperatures were more likely to be near-average or below-average for the May period too. Now even though the warmer weather that we experienced in the latter part of May was much more extensive and prolonged than myself and most other forecasters (who have any shred of honesty towards their readers) had originally anticipated, it could have quite easily of gone the other way too.

Temperatures were almost 2C below-average until the final part of May, hence the reasoning behind my original prediction for near-average or below-average temperatures as a whole for the May period. My original spring forecast also stated the potential for some warmer and sunnier periods of weather at times as we progressed throughout the May period too (issued almost three months ago). Now although the coldest May in 100 years headlines proved to be incorrect for a certain forecaster, I am also not aware of any headlines or long term predictions from the Met Office that appeared to indicate a mini heatwave for the latter part of spring either.

In a nutshell, we are currently in a rather disordered period of time that will bring some difficulties to certain aspects of weather forecasting/computer models, due to the magnetic changes that are occurring within the sun and here on Earth. These factors also have an important bearing on earthquake and volcanic activity as covered in my earlier archived posts and videos. The general theme for the coming years and decades will still largely consist of cooler wetter summers/colder snowier winters for the UK. However, some people will still try to lay false claims in predicting the warmer weather that occurred in May, whereas others such as those with (warmist agendas) will utilise this and any future periods of warmer weather to their full advantage, whilst they still have the ability to do so.

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