Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fox News 12 in Oregon use my info including on air TV mention

First of all I owe a huge thank you to Garron Socum from Washington Square in the USA for making this possible. It was his hard work that made this breakthrough possible by reposting my research and work to date, which also included my winter forecast video which appeared on the Fox 12 News website in Oregon, USA.

TV and Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen used the information from my research and actually mentioned it LIVE on air during their TV weather segment on WED 22nd Sept 2010, he also referred to my theory that we may be heading for a Dalton/Maunder Minimum on his website afterwards, of which he stated "both of these are associated with much cooler than normal global weather, but I didn't factor this into my winter outlook either".

I am overjoyed that I have made the news at last, it is however ashame that it had to come from the other side of the world as no UK media source will take me seriously.  Still publicity is publicity and even if it only raises some small awareness, I am still very happy to have made the news. Once again I can't thank you enough Garron for making this possible.

J.Madden (UK Weather Geek)


  1. Awesome work Weathergeek! Glad you're getting somewhere with the media even if it is across the pond. It will soon spread.
    People in this country need to take risks. It's what brings this country down. Its either wrong or right, just like every other meteorologists prediction, professional or otherwise! I look forward to seeing what the outcome is gonna be! Exciting, but potentially dangerous times ahead.
    Thanks weathergeek for keeping us posted on here!

  2. Great news, hope the uk media listen to you soon, or it might be to late.

  3. I'm sold, nice work Weathergeek

    Here's a story i've just added to get all of us snowboarders excited:


  4. Hi weathergeek, Do you have any more updates for the UK's winter weather forecast? The UK is bracing itself for a cold weather this week with SNOW!! Michael Fish has predicted below average temperatures in December 2010 at http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=longrange;sess=;loc=NWEngland. Europe may be expecting coldest winter in 1000 years according to news sites including RT.com. I look forward to your next post Mr J. Madden.


  5. Hi Weathergeek. A lot of people / forecasting companies are saying this winter will be cold, yet dry. Are you still confident with your forecast of cold and snowy?


  6. Video: UK Winter Weather Warning - 2010/2011 Forecast


    7627 views as of now.

  7. Dear Mr Madden. I have been trying to post you some blogs which are totally relevant to what you are forecasting. Dr Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University has announced that the currents of the Gulf Stream and cold Greenland currents are running below 25% of their normal strength. He apparently quoted "The sinking is stopping, albeit much more slowly than in the film (Day After Tomorrow) — over years rather than a few days. If it continues, the effect will be to cool the climate of northern Europe". Dr Liz Bentley (Independent Weather Columnist) has released an article in the Independent stating that Russian scientists have discovered a drop in the Gulf Stream currents and she quoted "So if you thought last winter was a shock to the system, then you ain't seen nothing yet" These are two highly reputable sources Weathergeek and they strongly appear to be saying what you are saying about this coming winter. You are an expect and you have probably read the articles. For convenience, I have listed the web address. I know you have not posted anything for a while, but please continue with the excellent work. You have won me over.

    The articles below were accessed on 25/10/2010:



    Best regards

  8. After reading your blog entries, I went out & spent £300 on snow tyres, filled the heating oil tanks to the brim (£1000) and packed the pantry shelves with canned goods (£67). Even if your forecast falls short of the mark you're helping to stimulate the economy and reduce the country's deficit.