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Cold end to winter + winter set to continue into spring + snow risk dates

Cold end to winter + winter set to continue into spring + snow risk dates

The end of the meteorological winter (end of February) and into the start of spring (start of March) is likely to see a continuation of winter conditions in terms of cold and snow episodes for the UK. It will also be particularly dry for this part of the forecasting period, but not in terms of precipitation as snowfall. There is also a risk that some major snow events will develop throughout this part of the forecasting period, but especially more so throughout the period of the 1st - 7th March.

This may then be preceded by a brief period of milder temperatures and wetter weather, especially across the southern half of the country. However, it is then likely to turn exceptionally cold for the time of the year once again. This is likely to lead to the development of some quite severe frosts and further snow events for a large portion of the remainder of the month, but especially more so throughout the period of the 16th - 24th March. There will also be some very strong winds at times, heightening the risk of some developing blizzards under the right conditions. It is therefore, plausible that March could turn out to be one of the snowiest that we have experienced for quite some time. There may also be the potential risk of it becoming one of the snowiest March periods on record, and it will be exceptionally cold at times too. However, one or two periods of brief moderation and milder temperatures still can't be ruled out throughout the start and later part of this forecasting period.

Added: 17th February 2013 (18:23)

Please also allow for some deviations in exact timing and scale of given scenarios.

The above forecast for the March period is also very similar as the one issued to subscribers for this forecasting period in early November 2012 (4 months ahead).

Our winter forecast issued on the 23rd June 2012 (8 months ahead) also stated: “The cold and wintry conditions are also likely to last into spring”

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Will winter continue into the remainder of spring too?

The snow forecast page will also remain in place and be regularly updated throughout the spring period in the following link below:

Please also feel free to check out the short range weather forecasts for your area, which are continuously updated at regular intervals throughout each day based on weather model suggestions in the link below:

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