Friday, 21 December 2012

*Special Winter Update* 2012/13

*Special Winter Update*

The current mean CET is -1.4C below the seasonal average for December.

Had the beast from the east developed as many others also expected, we would have been looking at a similar scenario to December 2010 (mean temps were almost -3C below average at this point).

However, we did also state in our early November forecast that:

"a brief period of moderation can’t be ruled out about mid-month (normal winter conditions), with the potential for some EXTREMELY WINDY conditions to develop at times", 

Although this period of moderation has been less brief than originally anticipated, it certainly has been extremely windy for this forecasting period as suggested.

The Met Office also forecast cold to very cold for December after our forecast was issued
Claims from the Met Office about this winter in the link below about their supercomputers being more accurate than ever in October (after our original winter forecast was issued), that the tax-payer has funded. 

Exacta Weather does not receive any kind of government/public funding whatsoever, yet our long-range forecasts and methodology proves far more successful than the waste of space number crunchers! Please see link below:

Winter is also far from over (January & February), and we also expect potentially record-breaking conditions during the (spring 2013) period too @
Added: 21st December 2012

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