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Wintry & Colder Feel To The Start Of The New Year 2012

1st January 2012

Wintry & colder feel to the start of the new year

The start of 2012 will see some wintry showers falling as snow across parts of northern Scotland during new years day. This wintry theme will continue as we head into Monday, with further wintry showers across Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northwestern parts of the UK. Some of these wintry showers will also fall as snow across higher and lower ground in these parts, leading to some accumulations of snow in places. There may even be the risk of some snow showers across higher ground in some areas further south. Tuesday will see yet another area of low pressure arrive, bringing with it some strong winds and wet weather across many parts of the UK. Some of these showers will initially remain wintry across Scotland and some northern regions of the UK during Tuesday, before a brief return to milder conditions across many parts of the UK.

I stated on the 2nd September 2011 that we could expect:

a notable increase in usual wind strengths for this time of year across many parts of the UK, that will result in frequent and potentially damaging gale force winds and strong stormy features throughout autumn and WINTER.”

I also stated in my last update on the 25th December 2011 that:

January certainly looks promising for this at present, in terms of some true cold and snow across Scotland and northern regions of the UK. Although once again there is likely to be some periods of moderation at times, and this is most likely to be reflected in any areas further south.”

February should prevail further in comparison to January, and this is when I feel we are likely to see the most severe part of this winter. A cold start to spring 2012 is also possible, with some especially heavy and widespread snowfalls across Britain and parts of Ireland.”

This is currently still how I see things developing throughout January and into February at present. Although the worst of the strong winds, cold, and snow for January, is more likely to occur from around mid-month onwards. There will also be some interspersions of milder weather at times throughout January, and areas further South are the most likely to see the best of these conditions. I am currently expecting the mean Central England Temperature (CET) to come in at near or below-average for January. Any further updates will be posted accordingly.

May I finally take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2012!

The winners of the white Christmas 2011 competition will be chosen at random and posted on the Exacta Weather homepage later today.

James Madden (UK Long Range Forecaster)

Published: 1st January 2012 (06:03) GMT
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