Saturday, 24 September 2011

High pressure to bring a spell of more settled weather to many parts of the UK

High pressure to bring a spell of more settled weather to many parts of the UK

24th September 2011
It is not difficult to see the area of high pressure that is set to bring a pleasant spell of weather across many parts of the UK over the coming week and possibly into early October. Although the best of the weather is likely to be further south throughout this period, this will certainly be a welcomed spell of settled weather for many parts, after the summer that never arrived, and the severely cold and snowy winter that we are about to experience.

Winter 2011-12 Update

As in my last update on the 2nd September 2011. "I expect the most frequent and heavy snowfalls to occur across many parts of the UK during NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, and JANUARY" at present. I initially expect frequent and significant snowfalls across many northern regions and Scotland throughout this winter. Any earlier snowfall is likely to be more confined to northern and western parts of the UK, although large scale low pressure systems also offer the potential for significant snowfalls to many parts of the UK.

I also expect NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, JANUARY, and FEBRUARY to feature largely below-average temperatures across many parts of the UK, it is likely that temperature and snowfall records will be broken within this defined time frame. I initially expect temperatures to really struggle across many northern regions, including Scotland (Western Scotland in particular), Ireland (Northern Ireland in particular), North West England, and parts of Wales.

Future updates will follow accordingly and become more location specific as we head into and progress through winter.

Our initial summer and winter 2011 forecast for this year was originally published on Exacta Weather in January of this year, before any other forecaster worldwide. It is also available to view with an official YouTube date stamp from the 4th February 2011 below.

James Madden (UK Long Range Forecaster)

Published: 24th
 September 2011 (19:24) BST
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