Saturday, 14 August 2010

Gulf Stream situation has got worse!

Sorry guys, a lot of people have tried to debunk the whole gulf stream situation over the past few weeks, unfortunately the situation has actually worsened.  Scientists did not appear concerned as there was still apparently some strength in the gulf stream current.  This is denoted by the red colours in the previous data screens, however todays screen shot below shows a different story altogether.

Much more disturbing than the last data shots, as you can see the gulf stream has established a route within the gulf of mexico as I suggested in my last post, the red colours denote the sea surface velocity, ie the strength of the current seems to be in one position that no longer feeds towards the UK or Northern Europe.

Couple this with other current events such as the unusual behaviour of the sun and it's minimal sunspot activity, which I also reported in my last post as well as the situation with the current la nina (ocean cooling), you can actually find that all the cold cards for three major factors on our climate are in play for this coming Winter! like I stated the effects of the gulf stream will be bad enough if nothing changes!!! and it has worsened, my seasonal forecast for winter 2010/2011 would therefore have to change to SEVERE SEVERE COLD for the UK and Northern Europe which could resemble little ice age conditions or worse over the next few years.

We also need to consider the effects of the icelandic volcano on the UK, many volcanoes in the past have had serious effects on our climate for many years to follow, the debris enters the atmosphere and takes years and years to clear, blocking out any sunlight and resulting in drastic cooling.  So that's now four cold cards in play for this winter.  Surely not, yes brace yourselves there is another; a recent report from CNN news explains how scientists are baffled by the shrinking of the upper atmosphere.

Well all you baffeld scientists its very simple really, the sun is the major driver of our climate system, sunspot activity is at an all time unusually low period, this effects everything and in return cools our planet.  So that is now five major cold cards in play, this is no coincidence, it's all part of the earth's natural cycle sytems that relate and correlate with sunspot activity.

The effects are much more than just cooling on the UK and Northern Europe, even when the gulf stream just alters slightly it can change rainfall patterns all over the world, I suggest this is what we are seeing in Pakistan and Colombia at the minute, it really is annoying when I now see news reports picking up on major events in short succession and blaming it on the jet streams, the gulf stream operates on trade winds of course this will effect the jet streams, but they are not going to tell you on the news that the gulf stream has stopped/been interupted, they all know that most people have seen the film the day after tomorrow.

Start preparing for Winter 2010/11 now!  the effects on the floods in Pakistan and Colombia have been fairly rapid in response to my past posts on the whole situation, this will not pass us by!


  1. well written story from start to end, you are saying that all this is predictable and common sense and it seems common sense to me. so what will happen in regards to the usa? sheila

  2. hi sheila

    thanks for your comments. I suggest that the USA will see some immediate warming in certain areas close to the gulf of mexico due to the restablishment of the gulf loop current, however overall I suspect that the USA will also suffer from cooling due to the sunspot activity, the la nina (ocean cooling) and the current shrinking of the upper atmosphere as outlined in my previous posts.