Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Breaking News! The Gulf Stream has Stopped!

There is recent and very strong evidence that the gulf stream has actually stopped! which I have frequently suggested and reported on throughout my work and blogs over the years.  The main loop or the so called engine which generates the majority of the heat for the gulf stream has detached itself.  This is clear to see from the NOAA in the form of RTOFS (Altlantic) graphic nowcasts from over the past three months.

28th April 2010 - as you can see from the bottom left hand corner, the gulf stream appears to be working and sending warm water towards the UK in the top right hand corner.

7th May 2010 - in the bottom left hand corner you will now notice a loop in the main engine of the gulf stream within the gulf of mexico in comparison to the previous data screen.

7th July 2010 - The loop has now detached itself from the gulf stream and is shown as a figure of 8 in the bottom left hand corner of the data screen.

27th July 2010 - the following data is quite disturbing! as you can see the main engine has detached itself from the gulf stream, I have studied the gulf stream intensely over the past several years and never seen anything like this before.

I am still hoping that this is an Eddy (sections of moving water that can swirl off) but if I am to be honest, the high realism is that this is not, eddys do not swirl off in a clockwise direction in the size of an American State and completley detach themselves in this manner, I would even like to make a scientific suggestion here and state that the USA is likely to get warmer from this as the current may establish a new path in the gulf of mexico, where as the United Kingdom and Northern Europe will experience severe cooling. This is identified in the data screen dated 27th July 2010 above, it is clear to see that the gulf stream has stopped and is no longer sending warm water to the UK, compare the top right hand corners of each of the previous data screens to see this for yourself.

Now compare this with other current events such as the unusual behaviour of the sun and it's minimal sunspot activity, which I reported on last month as well as the situation with the current la nina (ocean cooling), you can actually find that all the cold cards for three major factors on our climate are in play for this coming Winter!  the effects of the gulf stream will be bad enough if nothing changes!!!  my seasonal forecast for winter 2010/2011 would therefore have to change to SEVERE COLD for the UK and Northern Europe, I would also get yourself down to the bookies and place a bet on the thames freezing over between Westminster and tower bridge at 150/1 for either this winter or next, to help you with your extra energy costs, I can't believe that this was 1000/1 in previous years, I wonder if they have been reading my work?

The question is, this is actually going to have severe effects on the UK this coming/future winters without even considering the backdrop from the la nina (ocean cooling) and low sunspot activity, how should we be best prepared for the coldest winters in living memory, which will be followed by a future climate similar to Newfoundland who are on the same latitude as us but does not have the advantage of the gulf stream?

This really does seem ironic after the pentagon report from 2003 into abrupt climate change titled imagining the unthinkable, they actually predicted that the gulf stream would stop in 2010 and was convinced that abrupt climate change was imminent, they also perceived this as a threat to the UN national security due to refugees and starvation from other parts of the world that would freeze.  The video link is below so you can see this for yourself, go to 39mins and watch through to around 42mins.

As you know I favour correlation between sunspot activity and the ocean circulation and have published this in many of my posts, there is however a suggestion by Gianluigi Zangari from the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate that the gulf stream may have been stopped from the BP oil spill

Although this may seem plausible there are to many if's but's and maybe's for my liking as a scientist in the above paper, the gulf stream has been clearly waining over recent years and this happening was inevitable as I have published many many times, I will therefore state that this has not been caused by the BP oil spill, but by the current inactive state of the sun and its effect on the ocean circulation as I have always stated for many years.  I feel this could be a propaganda stunt for when people want answers as to why we was not warned about this impending climate change sooner and was instead being spoon fed global warming junk.  It will be much easier for them to blame it on an oil disaster than actually admit they got it very wrong.

Global warming did exist and that helped melt the glaciers to make the gulf stream unstable during a healthy period of sunspot activity up until 1997, the current low sunspot activity at present is so unusual that it has all the top scientists in a panic including myself due to it's dormant state, it is this that has tipped the gulf stream over the edge and past it's threshold of no immediate return.


  1. no way, has it?

  2. noooooooooooo, time to get out the woolies Britain!!!

  3. a very good informative post there, why don't we know more and why has this not been on the news, I will be very annoyed if they tell us months or years down the line when they actually know whats happening right now!!!

  4. so what has all the global warming agenda been based on???

  5. im in uk and we now have permafrost, not seen this before, i fear u are spot on.

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