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First Storm Of Autumn & Hurricane Strength Winds Set To Arrive On Cue – As Forecast 5 Months Ahead For Exact Dates + Locations

First Storm Of Autumn & Hurricane Strength Winds Set To Arrive On Cue – As Forecast 5 Months Ahead For Exact Dates + Locations

The 5 month ahead autumn forecast stated the following information to subscribers:

September 2013: Warm first half/settled at times + flash floods/large hail &
very windy/stormy mid-month

A number of large scale low pressure systems and hurricane remnants are also possible during the early part of September and around the MID-MONTH point too. Dependant upon their exact development at the time, many parts of the country can expect some extremely stormy conditions that will be accompanied by some very strong winds, which may range between 80-100 MPH in some areas (Originally published on 10th April 2013)

The month ahead forecast also stated for the 10th - 21st September:

However, it is then likely to turn rather unsettled and become quite windy at times as we progress from the MIDDLE part of this forecasting period and into the next forecasting period, but especially more so in the northern half of the country. Some of these winds are also likely to turn potentially damaging on a widespread scale at times across the country too.



The Met Office now concur with the above weather scenarios and currently have a weather warning issued for gusts of 50 – 60 MPH, with the potential for 70 MPH in exposed coastal and mountainous areas in the northern half of the country.

Additional Information:

However, it would be advisable to pay attention to any further weather warnings that are likely to be updated from the Met Office over the next few days. The standard computer models may underestimate the potential strength and scale of these winds until the last minute. A small difference in wind speed and scale of what the Met Office are currently forecasting and in comparison to our 5 month ahead forecast, can prove to be the difference between a 'storm' and a 'violent/hurricane force storm'. This can also make a big difference in terms of major structural damage, large waves at sea + increased flood-risk, and potentially life-threatening conditions.

Update Added: Saturday 14th September 2013 (14:35) – James Madden

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