Monday, 27 February 2012

UK Spring Weather Forecast 2012

Spring Weather Forecast 2012

Now although the spring and autumn periods have become an extremely difficult period to forecast for in recent years, due to some of the unusual patterns that have developed. March and into mid April are looking to offer some relatively dry weather at times in terms of rainfall amounts at present. This is likely to create the usual drought fears as we head into the summer as some reservoirs are already operating at low levels after the below average rainfall from this winter.

The March to April period is also initially looking like a mixed bag of cold and milder weather at times. It will also be particularly windy at times with some wintry showers in places within this period too. However, the latter part of April and into May could offer some potentially warmer and sunnier periods of weather at times. There does remain some uncertainty with myself in regard to the actual rainfall amounts that we are likely to experience in the second half of spring at present. On this basis, I will say that the rainfall amounts are likely to be near or below average for the spring period as a whole. Temperatures are also likely to be near or below average as a whole for spring dependent upon the May period too.

Disclaimer – If any aspect of my original long range forecast requires amendment, I will make an appropriate revision of this for up to two months in advance when possible. This is effectively still a long range forecast in itself, if you compare this to that of others. Please allow some slight deviations in exact timing of given scenarios, I.e. some months may slightly overlap or periods of certain weather types may be more prolonged/shorter than originally forecast, due to the nature of long range weather forecasting and how far ahead this forecast is being issued.
James Madden (UK Long Range Forecaster)
Published: Monday 27thFebruary 2012
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