Saturday, 2 June 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee – Extended Bank Holiday Weekend Weather

Queen's Diamond Jubilee – Extended Bank Holiday Weekend Weather

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is also looking like a relatively unsettled and rather cool affair as a whole throughout the extended bank holiday weekend.

Sunday will begin on a chilly note across Scotland and parts of Northern England. It will also be particularly cloudy and quite windy in many parts, with the best of any drier and brighter weather more likely to feature in western parts of Scotland and the far south-west. Some of these showers will also become particularly heavy and persistent at times in parts of central and southern England, Wales, and into some lower regions of northern England too. It will be a cold day across most parts for the time of the year, with a chilly night to follow (especially across the north).

Monday will therefore begin chilly across most parts and feature well below-average temperatures for the time of the year across many parts of the country throughout the day too. The rainfall from Sunday will continue to persist across some southern, central, and eastern parts for the start of Monday, before turning less intense later in the day. Elsewhere, will see a mixture of sunny spells/cloudiness and drier weather throughout Monday, although some showers will exist at times in some northern parts of the country too. The best of the brighter conditions are likely to develop across some parts of the north and west of the country throughout Monday.

Tuesday will once again begin chilly for the time of the year across many parts with some early mist patches in places. It will then become sunny for many parts and generally drier, although cloud and rain will build up and initially move in across southern England and Wales. Some of these showers/rain may also turn particularly heavy in places throughout Tuesday. Elsewhere, will see a general theme of sunny spells and cloudiness throughout the day, with some further outbreaks of scattered showers in places too.

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